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When Will The BECE School Placement Be Released

Here is When The BECE School Placement Will Be Released. As the BECE results have been released, you may want to know When Will The BECE School Placement Be Out. This article answers the question of When Will The BECE School Placement Be Released.

This article presents the projected date for When The BECE School Placement Will Be Released . This is based on the “4th April Reopening Date” for successful JHS graduates to proceed to SHS. The BECE School Placement Release Date may slightly exceed the stated date or be lesser than the projected date.


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When Will BECE School Placement Be Out

  1. The BECE School Placement is expected to be released between 14th March and 28th March
  2. This is to make it possible for successful BECE graduates to proceed to SHS on April 4th as stated in the SHS Academic Calendar


When Will BECE School Placement Be Released

  • The new schedule for the release of the BECE School Placement is within 14th March and 28th March.


How Is BECE School Placement Done

  • During the BECE school selection process, candidates were made to select five school choices based on a hierarchy of choice from first choice to five choice.
  • The BECE school placement will be placed based on your aggregate and the school choices  you selected during the BECE school selection process.
  • Below is how your school selection choices and aggregate will be used to place you into respective senior high schools:
  1. Aggregate 6 to Aggregate 10 students gets first choice School Placement
  2. Aggregate 11 to Aggregate 19 students gets second choice School Placement
  3. Aggregate 20 to Aggregate 29 students gets third and 4th choice School Placement
  4. Aggregate 30 to Aggregate 35 students gets 5th choice School Placement
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BECE School Placement Release Process

  • The BECE Results Aggregate Calculation is used by WAEC to grade you based on your academic performance in the BECE. The BECE Aggregate Score is used by GES to place Junior High School (JHS) graduates into Senior High School (SHS).
  • The Ghana Education Service uses the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) to place students into different Senior High School (SHS) across in Ghana based on their BECE Grades Aggregate and respective school choices .
  • The BECE results aggregate is calculated using the best 6 subjects from your BECE results.
  • The best 3 core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science or Social) and your best 3 elective subjects are used for placement.


BECE School Placement Cut Off Points

  • Students who score aggregate 9 in the following core subjects: English, Maths and Science are not qualified for BECE School placement
  • Such students are to register for the Private BECE to re-write the BECE exams in the failed areas for placement in any of the Senior High Schools.
  • Afterwards Students with the private BECE results can visit a school of choice with an available vacancy for heads of such schools to forward their document to the Free SHS Secretariat for placement.
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What Is The BECE Aggregate for School Placement

  • The BECE Aggregate for School Placement is from aggregate 6 to aggregate 35.
  • If you get above the aggregate 35 you may have difficulties having your school of choice


How To Check BECE School Placement

How To Confirm BECE School Placement

How To Do BECE Self Placement

Category A Schools Available For Self Placement

Category B Schools Available For Self Placement

Category C Schools Available For Self Placement


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