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Who Won The NSMQ 2022

Here is Who Won The NSMQ 2022 Today. This post brings to you Who Won The NSMQ 2022 as well as the NSMQ 2022 finals results .


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About Who Won The NSMQ 2022

  • The NSMQ 2022 final contests are scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 at the Great Hall, KNUST.
  • Prempeh College, Presec Legon (Presbyterian Boys’ Sec. School) and Adisadel College competes to be crowned the NSMQ 2022 winners
  • The National Science and Maths Quiz is an annual science and mathematics content-based national level quiz competition for senior high schools in Ghana.
  • The objective of the National Science & Maths Quiz is to promote the study of the mathematics and sciences, and also help students develop quick thinking and a probing and scientific mind about the everyday world around them, while fostering healthy academic rivalry among senior high schools.


Who Won The NSMQ 2022

  • Presec Legon won the NSMQ 2022
  •  Prempeh College were 1str Runner Up
  • Adisadel College were 2nd Runner Up
Winner of NSMQ 2022
1Presec Legon Won The NSMQ 2022
1st Runner Up of NSMQ 2022
2Prempeh College is 1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up of NSMQ 2022
3Adisadel College is 2nd Runner Up


NSMQ 2022 Results Today 2022



NSMQ 2022 Finals Quiz Structure

Three schools compete in each contest and each school is represented by two contestants. The contest is composed of five rounds with the following rules:

NSMQ 2022 Finals Round 1

  • The first round of the NSMQ 2022 Finals is the round of fundamental questions. All three contesting schools has to answer 4 Biology, 4 Chemistry, 4 Physics and 4 Mathematics questions. A wrongly answered question may be carried over as a bonus to the next opponent with partial credit sometimes awarded by the quiz mistress.

NSMQ 2022 Finals Round 2

  • The second round of the NSMQ 2022 Finals is called the speed race. Each school is presented with the same mainly applied questions at the same time. A school answers a question by ringing the bell. There are no partial credits at this round and a school gains a maximum of three points for answering a question correctly.

NSMQ 2022 Finals Round 3

  • The third round of the NSMQ 2022 Finals is known as the Problem of the Day. Contestants are required to solve a single question, worth 10 points, within 4 minutes.

NSMQ 2022 Finals Round 4

  • The fourth round of the NSMQ 2022 Finals involves True or False statements given to the contestants in turns. The objective is to determine whether each statement is true or false. A correctly answered question fetches 2 points. A wrongly answered question attracts a penalty of -1 point. A school may decide not to answer a question, in which case it will be carried over to the next contesting school as a bonus for the full benefit of the two points.

NSMQ 2022 Finals Round 5

  • The fifth round of the NSMQ 2022 Finals involves riddles, 4 riddles are presented to the schools. clues are given to the contesting schools. The schools then compete against each other to find the answers to the riddles. The school that gets the correct answer on the first clue fetches 5 points. The school that gets the correct answer on the second clue gets 4 points for a correct answer. On the third or any other subsequent clue, a question answered correctly is given 3 points. .


NSMQ Past Winners

YearWinners1st Runner-up
2021Prempeh CollegePresbyterian Boys’ Secondary School
2020Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary SchoolAdisadel College
2019St. Augustine’s CollegePresbyterian Boys’ Secondary School
2018St. Peter’s Senior High SchoolWest Africa Senior High School
2017Prempeh CollegeSt. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School
2016Adisadel CollegeOpoku Ware School
2015Prempeh CollegeAdisadel College
2014Mfantsipim SchoolGhana Secondary Technical School
2013St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary SchoolPresbyterian Boys’ Secondary School
2012Ghana Secondary Technical SchoolSt. Francis Xavier Junior Seminary
2011No competition heldNo competition held
2010No competition heldNo competition held
2009Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary SchoolAchimota School
2008Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary SchoolOpoku Ware School
2007St. Augustine’s CollegeKumasi Anglican Senior High School
2006Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary SchoolSt. Peter’s Senior High School
2005St. Peter’s Senior Secondary SchoolOpoku Ware School
2004Achimota SchoolSt. Peter’s Senior Secondary School
2003Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary SchoolOpoku Ware School
2002Opoku Ware SchoolSt. Peter’s Senior High School
2001Pope John Secondary SchoolGhana Secondary Technical School
2000St. Peter’s Senior Secondary SchoolMfantsipim School
1999Mfantsipim SchoolWesley Girls’ High School
1998Achimota SchoolSt. Peter’s Senior High School
1997Opoku Ware SchoolPrempeh College
1996Prempeh CollegePresbyterian Boys’ Secondary School
1995Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary SchoolOpoku Ware School
1994Prempeh CollegeAchimota School



NSMQ Winners Ranking

RankSchoolNumber of winsYears won
1Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School61995, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2020
2Prempeh College51994, 1996, 2015, 2017, 2021
3St. Peter’s Senior High School32000, 2005, 2018
4Opoku Ware School21997, 2002
5Achimota School21998, 2004
6Mfantsipim School21999, 2014
7St. Augustine’s College22007, 2019
8Adisadel College12016
9Ghana Secondary Technical School12012
10St. Thomas Aquinas Senior Secondary School12013
11Pope John Secondary School12001


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