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Here is a guide on the as a JHS graduate, as well as how to do self placement for a Senior High School if you were not automatically placed by the automatic placement system.

The BECE School placement / SHS school placement officially been opened.

This article contains all you need to do to check BECE / SHS school placement for the academic year.




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  • After the release of the BECE results, all qualified JHS graduates are to begin checking their Senior High School (SHS) placement through the
  • is a system introduced by the GES to place qualified BECE graduates into second cycle institutions such as Senior High School (SHS) and the Technical and Vocational Institutes.
  • BECE graduates are therefore to check for the SHS Placement Results on the CSSPS Portal.


How to Buy E Voucher 

  1. First Visit the CSSPS website
  2. Then Follow the instructions on the page
  3. Afterwards Make payment with your mobile wallet and make a payment for your e-voucher.
  4. You will get the voucher code with which you can check for placement or do the self placement


How To Check Placement On

  1. First Purchase your CSSPS e-voucher at
  2. Then Click on “check placement
  3. Enter your index number and your voucher code
  4. Finally print your placement


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How to Do Self Placement On BECE Placement Portal – 

  1. First Visit CSSPS website at
  2. Then Select check placement module on the page to continue the process
  3. Then Provide your e-voucher PIN and Index Number (i.e after successful purchase in the steps above) and click on enter.
  4. You will be redirected to the self-placement portal.
  5. You’ll be provided with a selection of schools to pick from based on your aggregate. Choose your desired school as well as your residential preference (day/boarding).
  6. Finally, click on Confirm and print changes.


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