www elections gov lkඡන්ද හිමි නාම ලේඛනය

www elections gov lk Sinhala

Here is the www.elections.gov.lk Sinhala portal to check the election register name list.


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🔥  www elections gov lk 2022/2023


About www.elections.gov.lk Sinhala

  • The Election Commission of Sri Lanka invites all citizens to check their voting details in the Electoral Register for the next elections. This can be checked in the Sinhala language as well on the www.elections.gov.lk Sinhala portal
  • Citizens could also check the name list with the respective Grama Niladhari or by visiting the Elections Commission website www.elections.gov.lk Sinhala.
🔥  www elections gov lk 2022/2023 Name List


www.elections.gov.lk Sinhala

How to Check Voter Name List In Electoral Register

  • First visit the elections.gov.lk Sinhala portal: www.elections.gov.lk
  • Then click on Sinhala as your preferred language
  • Then click on “View Voter Registration Details”
  • Afterwards enter your NIC Number.
  • Then select the year of registration, Administrative District and Enter the code from the website
  • Finally Click Display to display your voter registration details
🔥  ඡන්ද හිමි නාම ලේඛනය 2022/2023

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