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How Bloggers Make Money (Traits That Show You Can Blog)

This is the second article in my “Beginners guide to blogging” series. Check out the first article “Beginners Guide To Blogging (Things To Note) ” to follow along. This article tackles how bloggers make money and highlights some traits that show you can blog. To understand how bloggers make money, you must understand how blogging works first.




How blogging works




You might have heard that bloggers make money by people going to their sites. But how does this actually work. Are they really making money out of you?

Answer is yes and no. This is because it is mutual just like watching television or listening to radio.

It is good to know that your television stations, radio stations and even social media make money out of you. While this is true it is mutual.

They do this mostly through advertisement. They offer you a service, which is news or entertainment then advertise to you. Income through blogging works the same way.

You go on a website for something you like then the website in turn shows you an advert of your interest, when you check it out then the blog owner earn something small.

Actually what is gotten from you alone is almost insignificant. When thousands of people checks out the ads then it becomes something substantial.

So yes bloggers make money from you when you visit their site, but it is indirectly and mutual. They render you a service. And the earning does not directly come from you.



How Bloggers Make Money (How To Make Money Out Of Your Blog)




The process of making money out of your blog is called monetizing.

The most common and the easiest way to make money through blogging is by displaying advertisement on your blog. If you can convince companies to advertise on your blog as the television and radio stations do it would be good.

But that’s not the case, as a new blogger, you will not be able to contact advertisers directly or manage them on your own. They just won’t listen to you because you are not established yet.

You would get to that status in several years of building your blog and brand.You would need an advertising company to handle that for you.

They convince corporations to advertise with them then they serve the ad on your blog for a commission. Although there are numerous advertisement companies, Google AdSense is what to go with.

If you end up with a fraudulent advertising company, they would end up taking your site. You sure do not want that. This is where Google AdSense comes in. It is the most trusted and best paying advertisement company.

Google takes care of finding ads, displaying them, collecting payments from advertisers, and sending you those payments for a commission.

The advertisers pay Google an amount of money every time someone clicks on their ads. Out of that money Google keeps a percentage of about 40% and gives you 60%.

Although they are the big guys, it’s like they work for you and you give them a commission, depending on how you view it.


Ad Alternatives (How Bloggers Make Money)

An alternative to serving advertisement on your site is Affiliate Marketing. How this works is; you recommend products on your website and earn a commission when users buy those products by redirecting them to the product sellers.

This is less popular for a beginner as your blog would have to get relatively high traffic in order to make something substantial.

However, other common monetizing methods include memberships, selling online courses, selling your own products by adding an online store to the blog.

These methods are for well-established blogs as you would not be able to engage in this as a beginner. You can check out more on this site.




Traits That Show You Can Blog 


traits that show you can blog


You might be uncertain of success in the field of blogging so here are traits that show  you can be successful at this profession.

  1. You Have A Loud Mind

If your mind is constantly filled with thoughts and ideas, you can share it with an audience and make money. You can create articles on just about anything that comes to mind that people would like to read or know about, you can also make video tutorials on something you are good at that might be helpful to others.


  1. You Are Highly Opinionated

If you are that person who people constantly say “you talk too much” or you can’t go a day without posting an idea, something interesting or funny on social media, then you can blog.

That’s what blogging is all about. Sharing original thoughts and ideas with people or entertaining them. If you can get those things on a blog and have your audience visit the blog regularly, you can earn a lot.


  1. You Have Social Media Following

If you have a lot of people on your social media handles. Or you have lots of people liking and commenting on your posts regularly. There is a high chance that if you have such posts on a blog they would visit quit often.

Blogging is as much about audience. The more people you can reach with your posts the more you can earn from your posts. Social media a good place to start.


  1. A Fast Learning Curve

If you are fast at learning new things or adapting to trends then blogging is for you. Yes nothing is easy, it’s not as simple as posting things on a blog and having a few friends go visit.

It has its own pegs just like any other field. You would have to read a lot on monetizing your blog, how to continuously reach larger and larger audience.

We are talking about having your posts reach about thousands of people a day and on a continuous basis. You would have to learn how to use WordPress or how to protect your blog against hackers just to mention a few.

Passion and a fast learning ability is all you need.


  1. Ability To Communicate In Writing

If you have no issues in putting across your thoughts and ideas in writing then blogging is for you. Reality is, to reach a larger audience you would have to communicate in a major language such as English depending on your audience.

If you have no issues with writing, relating to grammar then you are good to go. You don’t want to mean something whiles your writing portrays something else or your grammar being so bad your audience can’t comprehend.

However, You don’t need to be an English teacher to blog, if you have ever been to basic school and can read and write you are good to go.




At this point you understand how bloggers make money and the options available to you should you decide to get into blogging. You probably also know whether blogging is for you or not. But you never know until you try.

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