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Complete Overview Of The BECE SHS School Placement – CSSPS Full Guide

From Monday 21st September to Saturday 31st October, those who have just completed the BECE are to select the SHS they would like to attend.

It is important to understand how the placement in schools works. Please pay attention if you have a child, ward or relative who is about to select his or her schools.


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Guidelines And Procedures For Checking Your BECE SHS School Placement

Watch the one minute short video below on how to select and check Your BECE SHS School Placement.


What Is SHS School Placement – CSSPS

Following release of BECE results by WAEC, the placement process begins. Using the candidate’s aggregate from his or her four core subjects (English, Maths, Integrated Science and Social Studies) plus the two best grades from his or her elective subjects.

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The vacancies declared earlier by each school are then fed into the CSSPS. There are three modes by which placement is done under the CSSPS:

  1. Automatic Placement
  2. Self-Placement
  3. Manual Placement


What Is Automatic Placement

This is the process by which the CSSPS places the students by merit into one of their chosen schools in descending order. This is run automatically without any manual intervention.

If the candidate’s aggregate falls within the merit of the programme chosen for their first choice, the CSSPS then checks the student’s preferred residential status for space and places him or her accordingly. If the desired residential status is full, the CSSPS moves him or her to the second choice.

For instance, if a student with aggregate 8 would otherwise get a place in school A but has chosen the more competitive boarding option and space is full because other candidates with a better aggregate have secured placement into the boarding house, then the system will not place him or her on day status in that school because the DAY option was not the candidate’s choice.

The system will move to their second choice school to attempt to get both their programme and residential choice. If unsuccessful, the system will proceed to their third choice and so on. The process is repeated until the stud

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What Is Self-Placement

In certain instances, a student may not be successful in securing placement in any of their choices. Self-placement gives such candidates the opportunity to go into the CSSPS portal and select from schools with available vacancies.


Features of SHS CSSPS Self -Placement

  1. Only Schools with available vacancies are displayed on the self placement portal.
  2. Schools with vacancies are displayed for candidates to choose based on their aggregate.
  3. Schools shown will have their location and residential options displayed.
  4. A candidate can change schools as many times as possible depending on available self placement slots.
  5. The self placement changes ceases as soon as candidate enrols in a school.


SHS CSSPS Self-Placement Process

  1.  log into the CSSPS system with your index number.
  2. Then choose your residential preference i.e Day or Boarding.
  3. If you select Boarding, all schools with boarding vacancies will be displayed.
  4. If you select Day, then there will be a drop-down menu for the you to select: i. Day within your residence area; OR ii. Day outside your residence area


How To Do Self Placement

Check the detailed guide on How To Do Self Placement below


BECE / SHS School Placement Approved E-Voucher Vendors

Check the BECE / SHS School Placement Approved E-Voucher Vendors below:


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SHS Selection Register 2020 : Full List Of Free SHS Schools For Placement

Check The SHS Selection Register 2020 : Full List Of Free SHS Schools For Placement below:


What Is Manual Placement

The Manual Placement allows certain candidates to be placed due to their peculiar situations. The following categories of candidates are placed manually:

  1. Special Needs and Gifted candidates (visually/ hearing impaired,
  2. Seminarians
  3. Protocol Allocation


Manual Placement For Special and Gifted Students

Certain schools accept special and gifted candidates. The manual placement system provides capabilities for such candidates to do the following:

  1. Re-entry for special students only
  2. Manual processing for special students.
  3. Separate allocation of vacancies for special students in selected schools.


BECE SHS School Placement SMS Shortcode

  1. BECE SHS School Placement Shortcode for the previous placement is *447*160# . It might be the same for this year, we will keep you updated of sny changes to the shortcode
  2. Start by  dialling *447*160# and follow the prompt on your mobile device.
  3. Then make payments for the service  through mobile money.


What Is  CSSPS Placement System


The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), is a system introduced by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to place qualified Basic Education Certificate Education (BECE) graduates into second cycle institutions such as the Senior High School (SHS) and the Technical and Vocational Institutes.


  1. Please i need your favor my placement wasn’t well to me i will be very grateful if you can changed one of my school to wulusec or Wasatech please thank God you do so.AMEN

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