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Tricks To Pass NTC Licensure Exams Questions

Here are Tricks To Pass NTC Licensure Exams Questions once and for all. This includes topics and course outlines for Numeracy, Literacy and Essential Skills.

Study it and share to inform your colleagues. We hope this tricks to passing licensure exams become the starting point in your success as you write  licensure exams.


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Table of Contents

Overview of the three Courses

The NTC exams is divided the licensure examination into three parts namely:

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Essential Skills

It is expected that candidates consult some of their textbooks or course material to augment their studies. In order to increase one’s chance of passing the licensure exams, it will be prudent to solve the many past questions available in softcopy and hardcopy. The examination questions have been made simple. When there’s a good attempt at preparation, a candidate can earn a pass in all three courses.


NTC Numeracy Topics

The NTC Numeracy Topics topics are:

  1. Investigation with numbers and number pattern
  2. Capacity,mass and time-word problem
  3. Set of numbers
  4. Percentages and its application
  5. Fractions and Decimals-word problem
  6. Conversions
  7. Plane shapes-Area and Perimeter
  8. Ratio and Proportions
  9. Plane Geometry
  10. Statistics
  11. Probability
  12. Pythagoras Theorem
  13. Rigid Motion
  14. Advance preparation and its significance mathematics class
  15. Methods of teaching mathematics in the basic school.
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NTC Numeracy Exam Course Outline

  1. Paper 1:30 objective tests-60 marks
  2. Paper 2: Computation-40 marks
  3. PASS: 50 marks or more

These topics can be completed with utmost seriousness within 3 days since it doesn’t require in-depth study into the areas.


NTC Literacy Topics

  1. The literacy have been divided into 11 topics.
  2. Essential skill
  3. Assessment
  4. Leadership and Authority
  5. Administration and management
  6. Community/School Climate
  7. principles of teaching and instruction
  8. Conduct and ethics


NTC Literacy Exam Course Outline

  1. Paper 1 : 30 objective test-60marks
  2. Paper 2: Comprehension/Compositon-40marks
  3. Pass: 50 marks or more
  4. Let’s take a clearer look at the areas to be assessed:
  5. Tenses and Aspects
  6. Sentence formation, simple complex compound
  7. Concords and Proximities
  8. Subject verb Agreement
  9. Phrasal verbs
  10. Idioms
  11. Register
  12. Adjectives; order of Adjectives
  13. Direct and reported speech
  14. Guide to comprehension passage
  15. Essay Writing
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Lastly we would like to take the look at Essential Skills course which forms the crucial part of the very reason we studied education course in our various schools.


NTC Essential Skills Exam Course Outline

  1. Paper 1 only-60 objectives test-100marks
  2. Pass- 50marks
  3. Candidate will be required to apply the concepts learnt in adolescent and childhood development,assessment in basic schools,trends and management in schools as well as guidance and couselling.
  4. There’s no fear since most of these courses have been well dealt with.


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