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How To View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Here is How To View Deleted WhatsApp Messages. You can think of WhatsApp as one of the world’s biggest instant messaging and chatting platforms. WhatsApp can be said as a global success since it has billions of users across the globe.

Even though WhatsApp has many advantages, there are certain features that make life a bit impossible for certain users.

‘Delete For Everyone’; one of the newly-introduced features which allows WhatsApp users to delete messages from their recipients as well as their own chats.

This is a feature which helps the sharing of secret information and still get deleted afterwards. Yet others take this advantage to abuse others verbally on WhatsApp.

These reasons have brought about the need to have control over deleted messages and to restore or view them among users of the WhatsApp application.

In this article, you shall be shown how you can view deleted WhatsApp messages from any end.

Below are the steps you can use to view deleted WhatsApp Messages.


Use Notification Log To View Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android

This method requires that the following conditions are met before it can be applied. These requirements are as follows:

  1. Your Android Phone should have at least an Android version of 4.40.
  2. An internet connection. Which means you must be connected to the internet.
  3. Not clearing your phone memory or cache for the last few hours.

 Once the above conditions are met, the next move is to follow the following steps to check out any deleted message.

  1. Search for the ‘Notification History’ app on Google PlayStore
  2. Next, select install. And allow the app to access whatever apps it needs to run successfully.
  3. After downloading and installation, allow the app to have administrative access to your apps.
  4. After going through this process, the app records any notifications that will drop.
  5. You can open the application after any WhatsApp message has been deleted by the sender.
  6. Click on WhatsApp from the list to see all the WhatsApp notifications.
  7. You will see all the notifications you’ve received on WhatsApp including the deleted message.
  8. You can then copy the message to your clipboard or screenshot it to save.


Things to Note

Be notified that the app only saves notification for just 3-4 hours. This means that no notification can stay for more than 4 hours rendering its retrieval impossible.

Be informed also that messages sent to and open chat cannot be saved by the app.

Finally, you can only see up to 100 characters per notification. This is the limit of text the app can show. Which also means that images and videos cannot be retrieved or viewed using this medium.



If you have not been in this situation before, you may not really understand how painful it could be in terms of losing a message you intend to save.

However, everyone who has suffered this fate, knows how unpleasant it could be, especially knowing that there is nothing else you can do to get that message back.

Fortunately, I hope this article was able to save the day for you. You may also wonder if this works on iPhones as well. Unfortunately, this app does not exist on the apple store and so it is indeed not possible for IOS users to use this method to retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages.

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