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How To Write CV: 4 Signs You Have A Bad CV

Here are 4 Signs You Have A Bad CV. Generally, the question “Do you have a good CV?” should not confuse you. But if this simple question confuses you and makes you uncertain, then you need a second look at your CV to fix any issues there in or seek professional assistance to bring the best out of your CV. While a few people find it easy to identify their skills and present themselves exceptionally well on paper, majority of job seekers tend to have a bad CV. This could cost you a job opportunity. Below are Signs You Have A Bad CV.



Your CV Looks Old-Fashioned

CV trends and expectations keep changing as times changes. Your CV  must not look out-of-touch by presenting an outdated CV. For example, currently it is advised that the date of birth which used be the norm for C Vs should not be added to CVs any longer. You must be abreast with the changing times and not stuck on the old fashioned CV writing skills you acquired years ago.

With increasing high numbers of applicants for each job that presents a very stiff competition, the first point of elimination by recruiters is your CV, your CV needs to be more than a dry list of responsibilities and experiences.


You Are Selling Yourself Wrongly

Selling yourself an employer on paper is not an easy task. Are you able to show off your achievements and expertise without sounding like you’re bragging? You probably even find it difficult to find the balance between bragging and hitting a good selling point. The ability to sell your value does not come naturally to most people.  You need a recruiter to sit up and take notice when your CV lands on their desk. Yoy may want to read wide to learn how to sell yourself properly to an employer or engage the services of a professional CV writer to work with you to identify your most saleable attributes and present them in a professional, non-boastful way to your potential employer.


You’re Not Presenting the Best Version of You

You might be leaving out the most important information in your career that could be your gateway to your dream job? . You must spend time to understand your desired career path and how your professionally written CV should be worded, structured and presented to get you the job. Summarizing your whole life and work experience on two pages can be very challenging, as such working with someone who knows what to include, and omit from your CV can be a great help in achieving that balance.


Your CV Could Have Unpardonable Errors

If you constantly applying for jobs with your CV but never getting interviews, it may be due to unpardonable errors in your CV you might not even be aware of, this could be grammatical or punctuation errors. This may be off-putting for employers.

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