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How to Setup & Watch NETFLIX Videos In Ghana

Here is How to Setup & Watch NETFLIX Videos In Ghana. With NETFLIX being in Ghana, it is no new thing. With as little as $7.99 per month, you can stream your favorite movies on Netflix. You can also stream movies on your TV, mobile device, Play Station, and even Xbox with a Netflix basic plan.

Yet, before you can completely relish the benefits of Netflix, you will need to get yourself a data subscription as well as a fast internet connection. This simply means that a lot of data bandwidth is required to really get the nicest Netflix in Ghana. Since the movies can only be streamed in either HD or full HD thus the high data usage.

In order to get on the secure part, you are recommended to subscribe to Netflix packages offered by telecom companies. Anything apart from these promos will keep you spending heavily on subscription.


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What is NETFLIX?

Netflix is a streaming service that gives out a large range of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of interconnected devices.

With Netflix, you are offered one low monthly price for as much as you can watch! There are also, new kinds of stuff that are always uploaded almost every week.


Netflix Price – Subscription Cost in Ghana

You need to be a Netflix subscriber in order to enjoy the full benefits of the streaming platform. With this, it is necessary that you know the “Netflix Subscription Package in Ghana”

Netflix provides various plans to satisfy your demands. The type of plan you choose dictates the number of devices you can use to watch movies at Netflix at a particular point in time (or at the same time)

For all Netflix plans, you just have to download the Netflix app from Google PlayStore or AppleStore on your devices to watch unlimited movies and TV shows.

Monthly cost*$7.99$9.99$11.99
Number of screens you can watch on at the same time124
Number of phones or tablets you can have downloaded on124
Unlimited movies and TV shows
Watch on your laptop, TV, phone or tablet
HD available
Ultra HD available


How to Sign Up For Netflix Account in Ghana

To benefit from what Netflix has to provide, you will first need to signup or download the Netflix app. You can also be awarded the privilege to stream movies and TV shows for a period of one month for free. Nonetheless, there are unlimited access to movies and TV shows.

  • Visit the Netflix website and sign up or Download Netflix app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and signup
  • Afterwards Sign In or Login to your newly created Netflix account
  • Then Choose the “Start Your Free Monthtab
  • Select a plan of your choice


Where to Watch Netflix

Download Netflix For PC

Netflix can be watched anywhere, anytime, and also on any number of devices. You can watch Netflix shows form your PC or any other internet-connected device that provides Netflix services. These devices could include smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players, and game consoles.

You can also download equally download any show of your liking with the iOS, Android, or Windows 10 app. You can then watch the downloaded shows if you don’t have an internet connection.


How to Pay for Netflix in Ghana

After selecting the plan of your liking that meets your needs and budget, you will then have to proceed by paying for it. As a Netflix subscriber, you are charged only on the day of your signup.

In order to be able to pay for Netflix in Ghana, you will need an ATM debit card (MasterCard or Visa Card). Also, you can equally use a verified PayPal account to pay for your Netflix subscription in Ghana.


How to Connect NETFLIX To Your TV in Ghana

With Netflix, you can use it on many other devices. But it is actually fun watching Netflix on your television. To be able to do this, (watch Netflix on your TV), you can use the “Cast to Screen” option from your smartphone or tablet. You can equally use an HDMI cable as well. You can as well connect from your laptop to your TV via the HDMI cable of your TV.

Into details, if you prefer to watch it on a Play Station or Nintendo gaming machines, you can serve them with an internet connection and then get it connected to your TV.


How To Change Netflix Subscription Plan

Concerning your Netflix plan, you can change it at any time throughout your membership. In order to change your Netflix plan:

  1. Log in to and visit your Account page.
  2. Under Plan Details, select Change Plan.

You should note that once your account is under hold, your account can only be allowed this feature unless it’s off held.

  1. You will then be navigated to a page where you can view available plans and pricing. Select your preferred plan, then select Continue or Update.
  2. Select Confirm Change or Confirm. Your change will take effect on the date indicated.

Plan upgrades take effect on the spot. Here, you will be charged the new price on your next billing date.

Meanwhile, a plan-degrade takes effect on your next billing date. Your new price will also be charged on your next billing date.


Things To Note about Netflix in Ghana

Limited movies tailored to your location

Netflix may be out of your best interest if your sole interest is in Nollywood or Ghollywood movies. Since it has only a handful of Nigerian and Ghanaian movies to be streamed. Most of the movies on Netflix are from Hollywood. You may even be lucky if you are able to lay a hand on an indigenous language movie streaming on this platform

Huge Data consumption

With Netflix, talking about data charges, they are very high. The movies they stream are in either HD or full HD. And this explains the high data usage. In order to get on the secure part, you are recommended to subscribe to Netflix packages offered by telecom companies. Anything apart from these promos will keep you spending heavily on subscription.

You don’t own the content

Subscribers do not have the choice of watching Netflix movies they find enthralling repeatedly. So, after watching a movie, you are expected to simply move on to the next.

Needs fast internet

Getting a good internet service from various service providers is one of the major problems we face. As a result, you may not enjoy the movie as it will keep buffering due to questionable internet connection.

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