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BECE School Selection List PDF

Here is the BECE School Selection List PDF and Guidelines as released by the management of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Management of the Service wishes to inform the general public including Parents, Candidates and Teachers that the old guidelines for school selection into Senior High Schools (SHS) have been duly updated.




BECE School Selection Date

The BECE selection of school (CSSPS) is scheduled from 29th November to 14th December


About BECE School Selection List PDF

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is a system used by the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) to place students transiting from the Junior High Schools (JHS) into Senior High Schools (SHS), Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) and Technical/ Vocational Institutes (TVIs).

School Placement Guidelines

  • School Placement is by Merit.
  • School and Programme options are linked
  • In the event of a tie, candidates’ raw scores are compared to help discriminate further.
  • Candidates who are not placed after auto-placement can access schools using the Self Placement Module


Number of Schools per Category

SNCategoryNumber of Schools
3D (Day Schools)865

School Type Count.



Download SHS School Selection List PDF

Download GES Category A, B, C, & D Schools as well as free SHS schools, Technical Schools, TVET, Day and Boarding Schools for the BECE SHS CSSPS School Placement


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BECE School Selection Procedures

BECE School Selection Subjects

Six (6) Subjects are used for Selection & Placement (Four core + Two Best) as follows

Core Subjects

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Integrated Science
  4. Social Studies RME


  1. ICT
  2. French
  3. BDT
  4. Ghanaian Language
  • Aggregate & Row scores of candidates are used.
  • Choice of schools across regions is permitted.

BECE School Selection – Categories of Candidates

Categories of candidates to be processed for placement include:

  • Category 1: 2021 BECE candidates (Regular Candidates)
  • Category 2: 2021 Private BECE Candidates (Private Candidates.)
  • Category 3: Foreign Students (Foreign Candidates)
  • Category 4: Re-Entry Candidates

How To Select BECE School – Selection Criteria

  1. Choose Six (6) schools (1st-6th choices) in all
  2. Select 1st-5th choice schools from a combination of categories A, B, and C
  3. Select programmes and accommodation for each selected school
  4. Choose a compulsory day as 6th choice (Catchment Area School) or choose boarding School from the list of schools here
  5. List 1st – 5th choices in order of preference
  6. If you wish to offer purely TVET Programmes must select all six(6) TVETS schools from CATEGORY A, B and C as Day or Boarding
  7. You cannot choose more than one (1) School from Category A
  8. Cannot select more than two (2) schools from Category B
  9. May select five (5) choices from Category C and One (1) from Category D (Day) or Appendix 3 (Special Boarding)

Download GES SHS Selection Register and Guidelines

Mode of selection of schools

  • BECE Candidates are supposed to select six (6) 2 cycle schools of their choice for placement.
  • Mode of selection of the schools differ in terms of Categories of Candidates
  • School Candidates Select their schools and forward them to their districts Education Offices through their JHS Heads
  • Private Candidates must select their school choices online via;
  • The date for the selection would be announced when the portal is ready
  • Foreign Students must purchase foreign students application form, fill and submit to the Director for schools & Instructions at the GES headquarters, Accra
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How To Do Self-Placement 

If you are not placed after auto-placement (Unplaced Candidates) can use the Self Placement Module to place themselves.

How the Self Placement Module works

  1. First visit Candidates visit the CSSPS portal : or
  2. Then Enter your Index Number and Pin codes.Check How to buy CSSPS voucher
  3. Schools with vacancies are made available for candidates to choose from
  4. Candidates print their placement form after submission


BECE School Selection List Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (FAQ)

30% Public (JHS) Equity

30% of the total vacancies declared by each of the Category ‘A’ schools are reserved for candidates from the Public Basic Schools (JHS) Implying that 30% of the total vacancies declared by all Category ‘A’ schools is set aside for Public HS candidates who have selected that particular Category ‘A’ school

Who qualifies for it?

  • Strictly reserved for candidates of Public IHS
  • To qualify for this, candidates are required to select a category ‘A’ school.
  • It is automatic and not optional
  • Public JHS candidates who choose Category ‘A’ schools compete for placement

Catchment Area Day Schools (Category. D)

  • These are Junior High Schools (JHS) located within a 10miles Radius (15km) of a Senior High School/Tech/Voc.
  • Must be purely Day or Day/Boarding School/Tech/Voc.
  • It could be one or more
  • Could be located within different districts or regions

Tips for Candidates

  • Follow the right procedures in selecting the schools in each Category.
  • A combination of TVI and SHS/SHTS will require a catchment Area Day selection.
  • Candidates must ensure that School codes tally with schools selected
  • Assess your academic performance before making a choice. Use Appendix ‘1’ here as a guide to select a preferred TVET Programme.
  • Never choose a day school outside your catchment area. Never let a café attendant select schools for you.
  • Arrange your choices in order of priority (15TH-5TH) choices.


BECE School Selection List Updates

  • Inclusion of 139 TVET schools Number of choices increased to six (6)
  • 120 community schools excluded from the compulsory day selection
  • One Compulsory Tech/Voc. Programme expunged
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Introduction to TVET

TVET has enormous potential for moving Ghana’s economy forward. A functional skills development system can improve the productivity and competitiveness of the countries skilled workforce. It also has the potential to raise the income-earning capacities of low-income groups.

The Pre-Tertiary Education Act, 2020 (ACT1049), has aligned all TVET providing Institutions under the 19 Ministries providing skills training to the Ghana TVET Service under the Ministry of Education

Free TVI for All Programme

From January 2022, all JHS graduates and others who will gain admission into TVET Institutions under GES-TVED, NVTI, GRATIS Foundation, ICCES, 0IC, Social Welfare, Community Development, Technology solution Centres, Agric. in TVET institutions, Youth Leadership and Skills Training Institute, and many more will benefit from governments flagship programme ‘FREE TVET FOR ALL’

Technical Institutions to be selected

Currently, one hundred and eighty-six (186) Technical/ Vocational Institutions are ready to run the Free TVET system up to Certificate II level.

Elective programmes run in TVET Institutions

Courses tentatively available on the CSSPS Register for selection are as follows:


  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Motor Vehicle Engineering etc.


  • Plumbing & Gas Fitting Technology Wood Construction Technology
  • Furniture Design & Construction Architectural Drafting, etc.

Note: Technical Drawing (offered by all Engineering and Construction Students)


  • Accounting Option
  • Secretarial Option


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