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Full List Of GES Postings For Teachers Released ; How To Check GES Postings

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has unofficially released the third batch of GES Postings. With several people confirming that they have been posted. This comes after college of education graduates were asked to present their names at the respective regional offices. In this post we present to you how to check your postings and the full list of GES postings for teachers. Kindly Share To All Teachers, There Is A Whatsapp And Facebook Share Buttons Below This Article.


Procedures To Check GES Posting of Teachers

Procedures stated by the Ghana Education Service (GES) are as below:

  1. Log-on to htttps:// to access your postings.
  2. Pay 10.00gh via MTN Mobile Money
  3. Print out your posting details
  4. Submit it to the Regional Director for Education in the region of your new posting before reporting to your school.

Teachers are to check the GES postings list on the GES website for shortlisted teachers and  pay Ghc10 through the MTN mobile money platform after checking their postings on the Ghana Education Service (GES) portal in order to print appointment letters.

After checking posting on the portal, teachers are to report to the regional directors with their appointment letters and certificates for further directives.


Documents Required To Be Presented To The GES Regional Directors

  1.  Your college / university diploma or degree certificates
  2. Your national service certificate,
  3. Your licensure exams certificate
  4. Your Birth certificate.
  5. An ID card
  6. SSNIT Biometric card
  7. Bank Account Details


How To Buy Evoucher And Check GES Postings 

To check the postings and appointment letters online, follow the steps below. As of the previous postings, you would first have to buy an  e-voucher to check your postings. To verify if same applies for this postings, Visit the official GES promotion portal and click the “Postings “.  If it asks for a serial number and pin then you would have to buy an evoucher to get the serial number and pin. Below is how to do that.

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How To Buy E voucher Online To Check The Postings

  1. Visit the official GES promotion portal .
  2.  Click on the ”Click to buy eVoucher card” button. There will be three options for you to choose the type of voucher to buy, Choose the “e voucher for postings” option.
  3. Afterwards you will be required to choose a mobile money network, then enter your mobile money number and provide a valid email address to make the payment.
  4. You will receive a prompt on your phone asking you to enter your mobile money pin to confirm payment.
  5. Afterwards a confirmation email containing the evoucher code and transaction ID would be sent to your email as well as sms.
  6. You have successfully bought the pin code.


How To Buy E voucher Offline To Check The Postings

You can as well buy the evoucher on your mobile phone offline to check the GES postings .

This option is not confirmed for this postings (It was valid for the previous postings) so use the online option above instead.

  1. On you phone dial the short code *170# on MTN
  2. Then select option 2 in the menu to ‘pay bill’
  3. Afterwards select the option 6 – ‘general payment’
  4. Then you will be prompted to ‘enter payment code’. Enter “posting” as the payment code
  5. Then you will be prompted to ‘pay any amount’. Where you will be required to enter the amount to pay. which is 10 cedis.
  6. Afterwards you will then be required to enter the reference. Where you enter a preferred reference, this can be your name.
  7. Afterwards confirm payment by inputting your mobile money password.
  8. If the payment process is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS with the transaction ID.
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How To Check and Download Your GES Postings Appointment letter


If you made the GES postings shortlist, these steps will guide you.

  1. Visit the official GES promotion portal
  2. Click on the “Postings” to access your appointment letter.
  3. You would have to “Select Applicant Type” which should be “Newly Trained Teacher”
  4. Then enter your index number and the evoucher code generated in the steps above and click submit.
  5. You can now access and print your posting and appointment letters if you were shortlisted.

You can also join our Facebook forum to make all your enquiries known and receive updates on GES recruitment. No question in our forum goes unanswered. Here is the forum: NTC Licensure Exams And GES Recruitment Forum.

The First Batch Of GES Postings

The Ghana Education Service (GES) released the full list of postings of teachers who applied for recruitment months ago. Among those posted 3,171 teachers were posted to the Ashanti Region, 1,604 teachers  were posted to the Eastern Region, 1,658 to the Volta Region and 1,812 to the Bono East, Ahafo and Bono regions.


Teachers from the 46 colleges of education who completed their studies in 2018 and did the one-year mandatory national service have duly been posted.


The Director-General of the GES, Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa made this known in an interview with the Daily on 20th November . He noted that the teachers could access their postings from today on


On Thursday, November 21, the Ghana Education Service (GES) released a list of 14,500 newly recruited teachers who have been posted. They are graduates from the colleges of education.


In the past the arrangement was that when a trainee completed a college of education and passed his/her examination, the person was absorbed straight into the GES automatically.


But last year, as part of the requirements for tertiary institutions, it became mandatory that when teacher trainees completed tertiary institutions.

Teacher trainees are now to do a mandatory one-year service before being posted.

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Those who  passed the licensure examination, did the mandatory national service and applied for recruitment last month are those whose postings have been released

GES Postings For Teachers Statistics

According to the director-general of the GES,  Prof. Opoku-Amankwa  under the limited recruitment exercise during the 2017-2018 academic year, 19,640 were recruited, while 14,720 newly trained teachers from the colleges of education were recruited. About 3,000 of the teachers came from private colleges of education.


In the academic year, 8,872 teachers were recruited for the double-track senior high school (SHS) system, while the GES went for clearance for 1,445 non-teaching staff and recruited 14,500 teachers from the colleges of education.


He noted that the GES are also working with the Youth Employment Agency to recruit 7,730 non-teaching staff to augment security and kitchen staff. So when you put all together, that brings the number to the 66,000 plus,” he said.


He noted that 117,000 did the  online registration last month. The chosen 14,500 were those who either went to the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), the University of Cape Coast (UCC), the Catholic University College (CUC) and the University for Development Studies (UDS) who might have done some education-related programmes.

He noted that 3,171 teachers were posted to the Ashanti Region, 1,604 teachers  were posted to the Eastern Region, 1,658 to the Volta Region and 1,812 to the Bono East, Ahafo and Bono regions.


Here Is The Full List Of GES Postings

Among the teachers posted, 3,171 teachers were posted to the Ashanti Region, 1,604 teachers  were posted to the Eastern Region, 1,658 to the Volta Region and 1,812 to the Bono East, Ahafo and Bono regions.

Just skim through the pdf viewer below with the “next” and “previous” buttons to view the list of teachers.


GES Postings For Teachers Central Region





GES Postings For Teachers Volta Region





GES Postings For Teachers Upper East Region




GES Postings For Teachers Brong Ahafo Region




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