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How To Prepare NTC Teaching Portfolio

Here is how to Prepare NTC Teaching Portfolio. To effectively Prepare NTC Teaching Portfolio as a Newly Qualified Teacher, you should be able to understand and answer the questions below to effectively Prepare Your NTC Teaching Portfolio.


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About Teaching Portfolio

  • A teaching portfolio is a structured collection of documents that are subject to change over time as you extend your practice, evaluate your teaching, reflect, and act on the results of evaluations, and design different and more effective approaches to your teaching.
  • Creating am effective portfolio involves reflection, collection, selection, and connection.


How To Develop NTC Teaching Portfolio 

Although there is no universally used format, the stated guidelines should be used if you are compiling a formal portfolio for the NTC. To develop an effective teaching portfolio, you need to do the following:
• First Clarify your teaching responsibilities.
• Then Reflect on your teaching goals, philosophy and style. Consider using the three domains
• Afterwards Organize the content to support your purpose and the evaluators’ guidelines or needs.
• Then Write your statement of philosophy.
• Then  Gather your evidence.
• Then Select and add your best evidence, connecting it to your statement of philosophy. You want to provide enough evidence to support your claim of excellent work done.
• Afterwards Show your draft of the content to a colleague or instructional developer to solicit for ways of improvement.
• Finally Submit your portfolio to your assigned assessor and upload the same on the teachers’
portal for assessment/ validation.


 NTC Teaching Portfolio Required Documents

  1. All your School information/particulars including GTLE number
  2. Assumption of post and attendance to work provided letter by the head  of school
  3. At least 15 samples of Lesson plans you used in teaching
  4.  Samples of student work or sample of activities you have graded, showing your comments
  5. Your Reflective practice/Reflective logs /Reflections on your practice.
  6. Your Work/task sheets drawn for students/clients
  7. Your Mentor’s report/comments on NQTs behavior, attendance, and attitude towards work
  8. List and description of learning/teaching aids (resources) you used that cannot be put into the portfolio.
  9. A report on career development provided by Head or Mentor based on an assessment of NQTs experiences).
  10. At least Three minutes written by NQTs which provide evidence of meetings with the mentor.
  11. A report written by you showing evidence of meeting with the Head of school
  12. Provide evidence of In-Service Training attended


NTC Portfolio Assessment Form, Arears & Scope


NTC Portfolio Assessment Results, Sample & Marking Scheme


NTC Portfolio Assessment Date & Requirements


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