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How To Send & Receive Money From Other Countries To Ghana

Here is How To Receive Money From Other Countries To Ghana. Receiving money from outside the country to Ghana is one of the complicated things for most individuals. In terms of the transfer of money from Europe or any other part of the world straight to Ghana isn’t an easy task. Most platforms that make these services available takes a lot of time to review the money in the account of owners.

Some other services also take you through a lot of other third-party services. This usually reduces the amount of money that is supposed to hit the receiver’s account.

But in this article, we shall discuss an app that ensures an easy and reliable transfer of money from any part of the world to Ghana.


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How To Send & Receive Money From Other Countries To Ghana To Ghana 

This basically refers to a global financial technology (fin-tech) company which renders services like sending money outside one’s jurisdiction while keeping the exact exchange rate at a very low charge rate.

Transferwise, is available on Google PlayStore as well as Apple Store for both android and iOS applications, respectively. With the transferwise app, you can as well manage your money transfers and keep records of your transactions during the process.


Using Transferwise To Send Money & Receive Money

Register For Transferwise

You first need to register for a free account. You can follow the outlines below to help you get one.

  1. Visit the transferwise site.
  2. On the site, click on the “Register” button
  3. Next, choose your account type; whether a personal or business account. But for the sake of this article, select personal. Since that is where the tutorials are based.
  4. Key in your email address after the account type selection.
  5. Create a password.
  6. From the “Country of Residence” tab, select the country you reside in.
  7. Click on the signup tab to continue.


Send Money With Transferwise

Once you go through these processes successfully, you should have your account opened in a few seconds.

  1. Next, click on “Send Money” on the user’s dashboard
  2. Select the currency on which your transfer will be based.
  3. Next, choose the amount you wish to send under the “You Send” box
  4. Select your transfer rate. (It depends on how fast you want the money to be sent and the type of transfer you are ordering)
  5. Select the recipient’s currency.
  6. You will get to see the date when your recipient will receive the funds right under the “Recipient Gets” box.
  7. Click continue to proceed.
  8. Choose the transfer mode. In this case, use the “Personal” mode.
  9. Key in your legal first and middle names in the first box
  10. Next, enter your legal last name as well (in the next box)
  11. Select your birthdate
  12. Enter your phone number
  13. After, enter your address then click on “Continue”
  14. Choose the person you are sending the money to. In this case, use “Someone else”
  15. Provide the email address of the recipient.
  16. Enter the account name of the receiver
  17. If the recipient’s account number is known, check out the “I know their bank details”.
  18. Next, enter the IBAN account number of the person.

You can leave the account number empty if you don’t know the account number of the recipient.

  1. Next, click the “Confirm” tab.
  2. Upload a passport or license to prove your identity.
  3. Click on “Start” to verify and continue.
  4. Review all the details you provided and click on Continue.
  5. Select your payment method and confirm.

Your money should be sent if you have carefully followed the outlines above.



With all the various money transfer apps around, transferwise stands high amongst them all since it supports all international money transfer and provides the best rates and charges as well. It also requires very little charge rates including a mid-market exchange rate too.

Also, transferwise is trusted by over 6 million customers with over 13 physical offices across the world and over 5 billion euros sent every single month by users. With these, you should definitely use transferwise on your next money transfer. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you know of any other money transfer apps or if you have any comments to

kindly let us know in the comment box below.


  1. I know of chipper cash. But their verification process is very tedious. However it’s also limited to very few countries. I have been looking for alternatives so i will definitely try this app too

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