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GES Study Leave With Pay

Here is a detailed guide on the GES Study Leave With Pay and without pay, GES Study Leave Forms, Approved Courses and Eligibility Requirements.


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Requirements For GES Study Leave With Pay

The following are the requirements for study leave with pay.

  1. You must have served at least three years after completing the College of Education.
  2. Applicants who are serving the GES in deprived districts or schools are eligible.
  3. All qualified applicants must pursue an approved courses as determined by the director of GES.
  4. GES staff who are pursuing second or third-degree do not qualify for the study leave with pay.
  5. Principle Superintendents who obtained their rank through a sandwich programme do not also qualify to apply.
  6. GES staff who are 55 years and above do not qualify for the study leave with pay.


Documents Required For GES Study Leave With Pay

The following documents are to be presented for the study leave with pay .

  1. Updated Personal Record Form with a passport picture.
  2. First appointment letter
  3. Confirmation letter.
  4. Certificates (BECE, WASSCE & DBE)
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Payslip
  7. SSNIT Card


How To Get GES Study Leave With Pay

Conditions Upon Which Study Leave With Pay Would Be Granted

  1. Good conduct
  2. Satisfactory Performance
  3. Recommendation by immediate  supervisor.
  4. 1st CONSIDERATION: Personnel of GES who have served for two(2) consecutive years or more in a deprived area or Personnel who have gained admission to read critical subjects areas and  have served two years or more in the Service
  5. 2nd CONSIDERATION: Service of ten(10) or more years  after initial course of study.
  6. 3rd CONSIDERATION: Service of 5-9 years after previous course of study.


GES Study Leave With Pay Forms PDF : How To Apply

  1. Qualified teachers are to acquire an application form and personal Record Form from the District Education Office. Application Forms Can Alternatively Be Downloaded Here
  2. Applicants should complete 4 copies application  forms and Attach Certified Copies of required certificate.
  3. Applications are to be submitted to the applicant’s Regional Director through the District Director or Head of Institution.
  4. The Regional or District Directors would ensure that the list of all applicants reach the Director, Human Resource Management and Development Division(HRMD) at the GES Headquarters by the end of May, every year.


GES Study Leave With Pay Eligibility

  1. Generally, the minimum number of years to serve before qualifying for study leave with pay is  five (5) years.
  2. Teachers of critical subject areas ( Mathematics, English/ Linguistics, Science, French ) must teach initially for two years before embarking on study leave with pay.
  3. Members returning from Secondment must serve a minimum of two(2) years before they become eligible  for any study leave with pay.
  4. Members who vacate the  Service and are re-engaged must serve a minimum of five (5) years before being eligible for study leave with pay.
  5. Members who are eligible for study  leave with pay must serve for a minimum of  two(2) years after the study leave course.
  6. Teachers pursuing courses meant for non-teaching personnel will not enjoy study leave with pay
  7. Non-Teaching staff pursuing courses meant for teachers personnel will not enjoy study leave with pay
  8. Study leave with pay will not be granted for part-time courses / programmes.


Requirements For Study Leave With Pay Breakdown

1.Who qualifies for study leave with pay?

  • Someone who has served for for four years and above in a town or three years in a village or two years in a very typical village.

2. How many times is one eligible for study leave with pay?

  • After you acquire degree, you would be placed at a rank of PS and GES doesn’t give study leave to teachers beyond this rank. So usually, I would say you have only one chance.

3. Which courses attracts study leave with pay?

  • Only education related courses. Even that, they give higher quota to some courses than others. GES will not sponsor you to go and do pursue a course after which you would use that certificate to seek employment elsewhere. They only want you to upgrade your skills and knowledge in any of the education related courses and come back and be of benefit to the service.
  • Masters degree has no rank recognition in GES. It only makes you a sort-after commodity for higher positions in the service. You can become a headteacher of a basic school, headmaster of a senior high school, a tutor in the training college and some other enviable appointments like circuit supervisors and others.

4. Understanding The Study Leave Promotion Ranks

  • The entry rank for diploma is Senior Superintendent II professional, and you qualify to be promoted to SS I after four years of service. If you serve another three years, you qualify to be promoted to Principal Superintendent. But let’s say you come into the service directly with degree, Your entry rank is Principal Superintendent. If you come into the service with Diploma and later went for either Two years Post Diploma in basic education(Degree in basic education) or Four Years Degree (Second cycle education -Regular) by any of the mode, you would jump over the rank of SS l directly to Principal superintendent.


GES Approved Courses / Subjects For Study Leave

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Integrated Science
  4. Physical Education
  5. ICT – Information Communication Technology
  6. French Language
  7. Physics
  8. Chemistry
  9. Biology
  10. Special Education
  11. Guidance and Counselling
  12. Ghanaian Language (Ewe, Ga, Asante Twi etc)
  13. Early Childhood
  14. Visual Arts
  15. History
  16. Geography
  17. Religious Studies
  18. Social Studies
  19. Technical Programmes
  20. Supply and Logistics
  21. Laboratory Technician
  22. Library. Information Studies

GES Approved Subjects – Courses Quota For Study Leave With Pay

3English Language
6Information & Comm. Tech.
7Integrated Science
8Physical Education
10Special Education30%
11Ghanaian Language
12Early Childhood
13Religious Studies
14Visual Arts (GKA, Creative Art, sculpture)
15Guidance & Counseling
16Vocational Education (Clothing & Textiles, Hospitality management, catering, Fashion &Design, Management in Living)
17Technical Courses (Tech Drawing, Electronics, Applied Electricity, Refrigeration, Welding, Metal work, Building Construction, Auto Mechanic, Auto Works, Draugthmanship, Graphic Designer)
18Laboratory technician10%
19Library/Information studies

60% Quota For The Following:

  1. English Language
  2. Physics, Chemistry
  3. Biology, Mathematics
  4. Integrated Science
  5. Physical Education
  6. ICT – Information Communication Technology
  7. French Language

30% Quota For The Following:

  1. Special Education
  2. Guidance and Counselling
  3. Ghanaian Language (Ewe, Ga, Asante Twi, etc, Early Childhood, Visual Arts, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Social Studies
  4. Technical Programmes.

10% Quota For The Following :

  1. Supply and Logistics, Laboratory Technician and Library. Information Studies.


How To Apply For GES Study Leave With Pay

Below is How To Apply For GES Study Leave With Pay

How To Get Promotion And Postings After Your Study Leave

Below is How To Get Promotion And Postings After Your Study Leave


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