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What To Do After Receiving GES Appointment Letter – Validation Procedures

Here is What To Do After Receiving GES Appointment Letter. This includes the verification, validation and biometric registration procedures to finalize your GES recruitment posting.

After checking your GES recruitment posting and printing your appointment letter, you are to report to the Regional Director of Education in the Region you have been posted to with the documents stated below as well as following the procedures below for further directives.


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Table of Contents

Documents Required For GES Regional Verification, Validation and Biometric Registration

The following documents will be needed at the regional GES offices to complete your GES recruitment process. First make a photocopy of whatever document you send with you.

Acceptance letter

The Acceptance letter indicates that, you have accepted the appointment from GES including the place of posting.

Your printed acceptance letter should indicate the reference number on your appointment letter, and name of the school you are posted to.


Appointment letter

Print the appointment letter after right checking your GES posting. Attach a photocopy along


Certificates Required For GES Regional Verification, Validation and Biometric Registration

These certificates will also be needed at the regional office to complete your postings

  1. School Certificates ( Lowest to Highest)
  2. National Service Certificate; Download NSS certificate HERE.
  3. NTC Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate


Other Document Required

  1. SSNIT card
  2. Personal Record Form; Filled and Endorsed (Will be given to you by the GES office)
  3. Passport picture
  4. Medical Report
  5. Your bank account number
  6. Medical letter
  7. School certificates
  8. NTC certificate
  9. NSS certificate
  10. Personal records forms
  11. Bank details
  12. National IDs
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GES Validation, Registration, Verification Procedures

  1. Make 4 copies each of the documents stated above as they would be requested during the various processes at the Regional Education Office.
  2. After successful submission of these documents at the Regional office, the you will have to go through a verification process.
  3. After this stage You will be requested to come back later for your introductory letter.
  4. After verifying the authenticity of all the GES appointment letters submitted at the Regional Office, Introductory Letter will be issued to those whose names are on the Master List.
  5. After the verification of your appointment letter and issuance of the introductory letter from the Regional Office, you’ll be given the go ahead to visit the school you were posted to. If you were posted to a basic school, you will are to visit the MMDs office before proceeding to your school.
  6. The only means of identification by the Headmaster / mistress of the school by the documents obtained from the regional office, that contains your documents and the introductory letter.
  7. After presenting the documents to the school your assumption of duty letter will be issued to you. This testifies that  you have indeed reported to the school.
  8. The assumption of duty letter will bear the date you reported and this is the date for which your salary will be calculated.
  9. Afterwards a personal record form will be filled with your details. Afterwards, a copy will be added to your folder for record keeping.
  10. A copy of all these documents will be sent to the District Office of GES at your location.
  11. At this stage, you are almost done with the finalizing your GES posting processes . You will be required to start work afterwards.
  12. Once you start work, the Ghana Education Service GES) issue staff ID’s and request that you visit the GES Headquarters at Accra for your Biometric Registration.
  13. This registration will be scheduled for your regions and on that date you will have to report to Accra to have your data captured on the Controller & Accountant’s General Department’s (CAGD) payroll.
  14. During the biometric registration, you are required to once again submit all the documents stated in the beginning of this article, these should include your assumption of duty letter and personal record form.
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