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GES Call Center Numbers For SHS School Placement

Here is a guide on the GES Call Center Numbers For BECE SHS School Placement. This guide is to help you understand Call Centre approach to solving issues with the SHS School Placement for the current year.

This article, provides answers to questions  tips on how to prepare before you call any of the GES call centre number for assistance.


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About GES Call Center Numbers For BECE SHS School Placement

The SHS Placement Call Centres are set up by GES to solve placement related issues with the release of placements for over 525,000 candidates into Senior High Schools (SHS).

This is also to assist parents and guardians with the issue of self placement when necessary.

As the Computerized School Selection & Placement System (CSSPS) will be used for the placement of students.


What Are The GES SHS Placement Call Center Numbers?


The GES SHS Placement Call Center Numbers are the telephone numbers that GES would use assist persons  with school placement challenges.

The Ghana Education Service provides a set of numbers to be used to reach the various call center to resolve placement issues without the need for parents and students visiting any solution center.

The SHS Placement Call Centres is available  for each region, with specific numbers allocated for every region.

You will have to call the numbers assigned to the region you are in.


What are the School Placement Call Center Numbers?

GES SHS Placement Call Center Numbers are as follow:

  1. GES Call Center Number 1: 0900 800 700
  2. GES Call Center Number 2: 0302 987 654
  3. GES Call Center Number 3: 0207 761 685
  4. GES Call Center Number 4: 0207 761 583
  5. GES Call Center Number 5: 0207 761 633
  6. GES Call Center Number 6: 0207 761 622
  7. GES Call Center Number 7: 0207 761 625
  8. GES Call Center Number 8: 0207 761 683
  9. GES Call Center Number 9: 0207 761 659
  10. GES Call Center Number 10: 0207 761 674
  11. GES Call Center Number 11: 0207 761 611
  12. When the call fails to connect, keep trying for till it goes through as there are others also trying to reach the call centre through the phone number.
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How To Get Help From GES SHS Placement Call Centers

  1. Your phone should have enough call credit to ensure when your call goes through, your line does not drop, note that there will be queue on the centers so make sure your call does not end abruptly.
  2. Write down your student index number, name and Basic school attended.
  3. Clearly wrote down your placement challenges before you call the placement centre to ensure easy communication and ensure you are able to explain your issue for the right assistance.
  4. If you want assistance on self placement make it known
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SHS Self Placement Guidelines


How to Check BECE SHS School Placement On Phone Online

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