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All About The NTC Induction Training For Trained Teachers: How To Access Your Google Classroom Codes

National Teaching Council(NTC) begins induction from June 8 to the second week in July, 2020. We have already been informed that it shall be done via zoom or google classrom. Details of this shall be sent through sms and emails. Whoever receives sms or email should go to the to sign in with the correct account by entering the class code from your teacher and click join.Note that the sending of sms and emails has already started. If you have not had yours, just wait awhile.

In addition, 2019 Trained Teachers have been grouped into classes of Gold, silver etc by NTC. Once you successfully join your class, you shall be notify through sms when you have lessons.
Please the information above goes to only the 2019 Newly Trained Teachers from CoE who wrote the License Exams and passed all the papers.


Here is All About The NTC Induction Training For Trained Teachers as well as How To Access Your Google Classroom registration Codes for the NTC induction training 2020.


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Official NTC Induction Training Registration Procedures 2020 / 2021


To access the Official NTC Induction Training Registration Procedures click the link below:



Date And Schedule For The NTC Induction Training For Trained Teachers


  1. The NTC induction Programme is scheduled to begin from Monday, June 8 2020
  2. The NTC induction Programme will last through the second week in July , 2020.
  3. NSS Personnel due for induction, who are yet to receive their codes or cant find their names in the list should therefore be patient
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All About The NTC Induction Training For Trained Teachers


An induction at the workplace or on the job is the process or processes a New Recruit goes through to be officially introduced to the tenets of the institution and their new roles.


Beyond the initial days on the job, the induction programme continues for many months, so that the new employee can fully integrate into life in the company and settle into their role to become a valuable member of staff.


As a newly trained teacher from college, National Teaching Council (NTC) considers your first year in service as INDUCTION PERIOD. Previously, first year of full time employment but now, National Service period. Workshops or cluster meetings may be organized including other activities deemed necessary to help the newly trained fit well into the profession.


Ghana education service (GES) who is your employer on the other hand also considers your first year of employment into the service as a PROBATION PERIOD. During this probationary period, you teaching skills and general performance is monitored.


At the end of the one year probation, officers (Circuit Supervisors) come around to inspect your work against a standard. If you meet the standard, you are then recommend to be confirmed and confirmation letter issued you by your District Director Of Education.

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During the introduction of the maiden National Service for newly trained teachers, we pushed that the first year be considered as probation period but unfortunately, we lost it because the three groups invited by the Minister and his entourage were not united enough in demands.



How To Access Your Google Classroom / Zoom Codes For The NTC induction Training


  1. The National Teaching Council (NTC) is sending text messages containing links to access a pdf file that contains all National Service, NSS Personnel qualified for the induction.
  2. Start by downloading the PDF file and check your corresponding Google Classroom registration Codes to partake
  3. Afterwards visit the Google Classroom through the link provided in the message
  4. Or visit 
  5. A screen will pop up requesting your credentials and code
  6. Enter the code to access the NTC induction Programme


Download Full List Of NTC Induction Training Personnel And Codes


Note that the codes below will be updated as new ones are released. Check back later. Share to inform others

  1. Click Here To Download The Full List Of NTC Induction Training Personnel And Codes



  1. Pls the NTC code n6eltie sent to Joseph Odame Amoah is not helping me to join the class. Meaning it is invalid

  2. Please I did not sign in to the google classroom with the account I used to register the GTLE I signed up with a new email account will it affect me? Thanks

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