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How To Calculate BECE Aggregate 2022/2023

Here is How to Calculate Your BECE Results Aggregate For the BECE results 2022/2023. This is to enable you know if you qualify for School Placement. This article teaches you how to Calculate Your BECE Aggregate Mark For the current year placement.


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About How To Calculate BECE Aggregate

The BECE Results Aggregate Calculation is used by WAEC to grade students based on their academic performance in the BECE. The BECE Aggregate Score is used by GES place Junior High School (JHS) graduates into Senior High School (SHS).

The Ghana Education Service uses the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) to place students into different Senior High School (SHS) across in Ghana based on their BECE Grades Aggregate .


How To Calculate BECE Aggregate

  • After checking your BECE Results and knowing the percentage in hand, check the new flexible 9-scale criterion-referenced grading system and match your raw score to the marks on the chart.
  • Then compare it to the corresponding grade below, following the 1 to 9 grading system below and proceed to calculation section below.

BECE Grading System

Below are the BECE marks and their grades interpretation.

  1. 90-100 is graded as 1, GRADE A+ is known as HIGHEST 
  2. 80-89, is graded as 2, GRADE A is known as HIGHER
  3. 70-79, is grade 3, a B+ is known as HIGH
  4. 60 -69 is grade 4, GRADE B is known as HIGH AVERAGE
  5. 55 – 60 is GRADE C+, classified as 5 is known as AVERAGE
  6. 50-54 is GRADE C; number 6 in the grading system is known as Low AVERAGE
  7. 40-49 is considered as GRADE D+ and number 7 is known as Low
  8. 35-39 is GRADE E which is number 8 is known as Lower
  9. 0-34 GRADE F, 9 characterized by 9 is known as Lowest

How To Calculate BECE Results Aggregate

  1. The BECE results aggregate is calculated using the best 6 subjects from your BECE results.
  2. The best 3 core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science or Social) and your best 3 elective subjects, Maths and English are must among the core subjects. You can select from science and social  for the calculation.
  3. If you had the BECE results below then below is how to calculate your BECE aggregate:

Your Results

SOCIAL STUDIES             2
REL.& MORAL EDUC.      3
MATHEMATICS                1
INFO. & COMM.TECH.     1
FRENCH                           2
B.D.T./HOME ECONS.       2

How To Calculate BECE Aggregate

  1. To know your BECE Aggregate, you will take the first best core ( ie English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science) => 1+1+2 = 4
  2. Then Look through your results and select the 3 best elective subjects  as follows ( ie Info. & Comm. Tech, B.D.T, and Frech) => 1+2+2 = 5
  3. Then based on the BECE grades addition for the subjects of English + Mathematics + Integrated Science + Info. & Comm. Tech + B.D.T, + French => 1+1+2+1+2+2 = 9
  4. Finally your BECE Aggregate obtained based on the grades above is aggregate 9.


What is the BECE Aggregate for School Placement

  • The pass BECE Aggregate for BECE School Placement is from aggregate 6 to aggregate 30.
  • If you get above the aggregate 30 may have difficulties having their school of choice


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