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Official NTC Confirmation Status Portal – Confirm Your Status

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has officially opened the NTC Confirmation Status Portal for the upcoming NTC licensure exams. Prospective Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) Candidates are therefore required to check their NTC Confirmation Status on the NTC Confirmation Status Portal before proceeding to register for the NTC exams and subsequent NTC exams.


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  2. NTC Licensing And Registration Fees
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  10. Check The New NTC Teachers Portal Ghana (TPG) Platform For All Teachers


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Table of Contents

About The NTC Confirmation Status Portal


The National Teaching Council (NTC) Confirmation Status Portal was used in previous NTC Licensure exams registrations to help prospective candidates know of their eligibility status before proceeding to register for the exams. The benefit of this is that it prevented candidates from facing challenges that would have otherwise prevented them from registering during the registration process and subsequently taking the exams.

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Prior to the introduction of the NTC Confirmation Status Portal, It used to be that some prospective candidates would purchase the NTC Licensure exams registration vouchers and still would be unable to register. The NTC Confirmation Status Portal eliminates this problem.

All prospective candidates just have to Confirmation their NTC exams eligibility Status on the NTC Confirmation Status Portal before proceeding to purchase an NTC exams registration voucher for the exams.


About The NTC Licensure Exams

The NTC Licensure exams is written twice every year, usually in March and September each year.



NTC Confirmation Status Portal – How To Confirm Your Status


To Confirm your NTC Exams status on the NTC Confirmation Status Portal follow the detailed guide below:

  1. Firs Visit the NTC Confirmation Status Portal : NTC Confirmation Status Portal
  2. Then click on the “Confirmation Status”Ā Button
  3. Afterwards Enter The index number of the tertiary school you completed
  4. Then click on the “Confirm” button to know your NTC licensure exams Confirmation Status
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Solution To Problems On The NTC Confirmation Status PortalĀ 

  1. If you see the “Confirmed” Notice after checking your status on the NTC Exams Confirmation Status Portal it means you have been confirmed successfully.
  2. If you see “You have not been confirmed by your school. Kindly visit your awarding institution to rectify this issue and have your information uploaded unto the NTC portal”, the solution is toĀ visit your tertiary institution to rectify this issue and have your information uploaded unto the NTC portal.


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