Posting To Preferred Institution For National Service Without Paying

You might be wondering how to get the Ghana national service secretariat to post you to your institution of choice during the posting period. While there are middlemen who claim to do the Ghana National Service posting for a fee during the posting period, you can do this without paying a dime.

If your year batch is yet to register you can check out the most concise article on how to have a hustle free registration here : Ultimate Ghana National Service Registration Guide. It contains everything about the registration, how to make pincode payment, things to note before doing the registration and how to do the registration if your ID card is rejected on the enrollment page.



Posting To National Service Institution Of Choice Without Paying A Dime


It Is good to know that the Ghana national service secretariat officially does not post people to their institutions of choice during the posting period, and dealing with any middleman is at your own risk.

I must say there are some genuine middlemen who have links with people working at the secretariat. I know a couple of people who payed the said amount and got posted to their institution of choice.

I also know tons of people who payed such amount and were not posted to their institution of choice. This brings the question to how genuine it is, because everyone claims to be genuine.

Following that path is purely a high risk. You might be posted to where you want but upon reaching there you are told to go for re-posting since the place is full. You get no refund of money.

The price of the said amount ranges from three hundred cedes and up as of the 2018/2019 service year. This amount increases over 50% every year.

You can get posted to your institution of choice for free. Yes, for free. Here is how. This is for educational institutions but may apply for other non-educational institutions.






How To Get The Posting To National Service Institution Of Choice For Free


All you need for your National Service posting after your registration is an assurance letter from your institution of choice with your national service ID in the heading of the letter. Read on How To Get Assurance Letter And A Sample Assurance Letter.

It is good to know that the NSS identifies you with your national service ID number. The ID you get after a successful online registration. This is what you get, right after your online registration. When you have gotten your national service ID number, let your institution of choice type and print you an assurance letter stamped and signed by the institution’s head, assistant or the right person responsible for endorsing such letters.

You can choose to let you or the institution post it by EMS but that is another risk. EMS can take up to a week to arrive. There is a big chance that your letter might not arrive early, the earlier this letter gets there the better.

There is another chance that your letter would not be touched since the NSS gets lots of letters from institutions during this period.


Send The Letter Yourself


So send the assurance letter to the head office in Accra yourself a day or two after the online registration ends, not to your regional office because all postings are done at the head office in Accra.

Upon arriving at the head office do not give it to the people over the counter especially when there are a lot of people there, they would put it somewhere without touching it. Try entering through the door and say you are submitting a letter from an institution.

You would know your letter is in good hands when your letter is removed from the envelop and added to other letters or just added to other letters without being removed from the envelope. You would know this by keeping a study eye to see where it was placed.

With this done your placement is assured. I did this in the 2018/2019 service year and got posted without paying a dime. I was taught this by two national service alumni who did same in the 2017/2018 service year.

And I know up to five people who have done this. Actually this used to be a norm a while ago. But too many people where refusing to be posted to other places. They go for reposting as soon as they get there. It is good to know that as of the 2018/2019 service year reposting’s are cancelled. It is for only those whose institutions do not need their service, pregnant women and those with serious health issues that their environs may not be conducive. Thank me latter. Read More On The Ultimate National Service Online Registration Guide.



National Service Posting Registration Institution-of-choice-vs-Randomly


How To Get The Assurance Letter For The National Service Posting After Your NSS Registration


Option One

  1. The easiest way of getting an assurance letter from your institution of choice as a prospective national service personnel is by offering your internship at this institution of choice, prior to or during your final year . Upon completion of your internship request for an assurance letter. If you were punctual and hardworking, they would see no reason not to give you. You should be making enquiries on how to get an assurance letter earlier in your internship days. You should be connecting with staff and relating well with them.


Option Two

  1. The second way is to know someone who knows someone. This is Ghana for that matter. Whom you know and who knows you is everything. A brother or an uncle might be in good relations with someone at your institution of choice. They could just contact them and see you through.


Option Three

  1. The third option is to contribute towards a developmental project or event in the institution. If it is a senior high school, you can give a token towards a project they unveil at a speech and price giving day or PTA meeting and use that as a reference point when requesting for the assurance letter. This is obviously not the best option but letting a known staff stand in for you would be easier. He could just say you just like the school and would want to work with them

It is good to know that you must go in person to request for the letter. Since you would need to send it as soon as possible and you get reply as of whether they are giving you or not instantly. If you are asked to put it in writing still present it by hand. Posting it and receiving reply through the posting is a long process. You can google around for a sample assurance letter, or you can Join Our Facebook forum through this link:  NTC Licensure Exams And GES Recruitment Forum to get the sample of the assurance letter I sent to the National Service head office that got me posted to my institution of choice. The forum deals with all details and guidance about the National Service Procedures, National Teaching Council Licensure exams, Ghana Education Service teaching and non teaching staff recruitment. No enquiry goes unanswered in the forum.




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