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WAEC BECE Grading System: How To Calculate BECE Results

Here is the WAEC BECE Grading System and How To Calculate Your BECE Results. This article explains the BECE grading system, How to calculate and your results.


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About The WAEC BECE Grading System

The BECE grading system is used to grade students based on their academic performance in the BECE.  The BECE grading system used by GES to know the quality of BECE results as for SHS placement.

The better your BECE grade the greater your chances of getting placed into the school of your choice by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) . The Ghana Education Service (GES) uses the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) to place students into different schools across the country.

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BECE Marks and Grades And Their Interpretation

Below are the marks and their grades in BECE.

  1. 90-100 is graded as 1, GRADE A+.
  2. 80-89, the second category in this classification is graded as 2, GRADE A.
  3. 70-79, is grade 3, a B+
  4. 60 -69 is grade 4, GRADE B,
  5. 55 – 60 is GRADE C+, classified as 5
  6. 50-54 is GRADE C; number 6 in the grading system.
  7. 40-49 is considered as GRADE D+ and number 7;
  8. 35-39 is GRADE E which is number 8,
  9. 0-34 GRADE F, 9 characterized by 9


How To Calculate BECE Results

  1. The BECE results are calculated using the 6 best subjects from your BECE results.
  2. Which include the 3 best core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science or Social) with maths and English are must among the core subjects. You can select from science and social the one which is best for the calculation.
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Assuming you had the below results in your BECE exams then below is how to calculate your BECE results;

Sample Results

SOCIAL STUDIES             2
REL.& MORAL EDUC.      3
MATHEMATICS                1
INFO. & COMM.TECH.     1
FRENCH                           2
B.D.T./HOME ECONS.       2

Calculate Results

  1. To obtain your grade, you will take the first best core ( English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science) => 1+1+2 = 4
  2. Then Look through your results and get 3 best elective subjects ( Info. & Comm. Tech, B.D.T, and Frech) => 1+2+2 = 5
  3. (English + Mathematics + Integrated Science) + ( Info. & Comm. Tech + B.D.T, + French) => 1+1+2+1+2+2 = 9
  4. In this case, you have obtained aggregate 9 in the above results.
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How To Calculate BECE Results for School Placement


Below is How To Calculate BECE Results for School Placement

  • From the marking scheme process, you get to know the wrong and right answers per subject.
  • Then Count the number of correct answers and note them down.
  • Afterwards Divide the correct answers by the total number of questions asked.
  • The quotient should be in decimal points or a fraction.
  • Then Multiply the quotient by 100% to get a percentage.  Note: This calculation is done on the individual subject.
  • Then With the percentage in hand, pull out the grading table as prepared using the stanine method or the new flexible 9-scale criterion-referenced grading system and match your raw score, i.e., 60% to the marks on the chart.
  • Then Once you have identified its rightful place, you will be able to know its corresponding grade, following the 1 to 9 grading strategy.


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